Tuesday, November 15, 2011

ProTip for the Weekend: Focus on your Footwork

Having improved footwork will most definitely help the player control where their swing bottoms out which is essential for making good contact with the ball.

Given how quickly a golf swing happens, it is incredibly difficult to know exactly what you're feet are up to when you hit the ball. But it's not about what's happening during the swing, it's what happens at the end of your swing that you should be most concerned with. The ideal position for a strong swing is for your back foot to be entirely on it's toes, with the bottom of the foot facing away from the direction of the swing. Focus on attaining this finishing position, and you are guaranteed to make a complete turn through the ball with your hips, this way all of weight will end up on your front foot.

The best way to think of the whole thing is to think of the tip of your foot as a balancing point for the entire swing, and this purpose is the only one this stance should serve you. It is very difficult to impersonate good footwork, so if a person can achieve a good footwork by using this practice, you can move the bottom of your swing arc forward to hit a more consistent spot on the ball. As soon as you can start compressing the ball better at impact, you will definitely be able to hit the ball longer, more accurately and be able to do it more often.

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