Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How To Fix That Slice Golf Swing

It happens to the best and worse golf players, and has ruined many a game. This game killer is widespread through all the ranks from beginners to experts and is known as a slice. In fact, the slice is one of the most commonplace swing errors in the game of golf. Mainly, the slice golf swing is attributed to an open face impact which will most likely curve your shot out to the right. The good news is with a few adjustments and quick tips it is possible to eliminate that dreaded slice out of your golf game.

The precision of your downswing has a big effect on whether you will nail that perfect shot, or end up with a miserable slice. When you slice the ball, it usually occurs when your right shoulder moves forward as you downswing and this causes the shaft of the club beyond the target line. This movement forces it to cut across your ball which propels it into that right curve. Try to drop your arms before or as you progress through your downswing. If you are successful, than your right shoulder will be in its correct position allowing it to go down and under, instead of being over or moving forward. I have found it helpful that as I begin my downswing, I focus on my club, hands, and arms dropping right away. Another quick fix is to examine your grip. Many people have found that the root problem of slices are originating from their left hand being in a weak position. Simply strengthen your grip and start seeing results!

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