Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Change of Golf Rules Welcomed By Players

On October 24, 2011 the Royal and Ancient Golf Club introduced rule changes that would effect players everywhere, even in Sarasota, FL. The organization that made the changes determines the rules in combination with the United States Golf Association, or the USGA. The new rules will be implemented on Jan 1st, 2012 and last until 2015 when they will be evaluated.

One of the major rule changes relates to eliminating the one stroke penalty given to players if the ball moves after it has been addressed. For those unfamiliar with the term, addressing the ball describes the player getting ready to take a stance and are prepared to strike the ball. Previously, golfers were punished with a one stroke loss even if the wind had accidently moved their ball. The actual definition of addressing was also modified this year.

Players everywhere will rejoice over these changes. Royal and Ancient Golf Club ambassador Padraig Harrington was quoted as saying "Every time the wind blows, I am worried that my ball is going to move and I am worried about grounding my putter, distracting me from trying to hole my putt." There were other important changes made to the rules by the R&A. Follow up and read my blog in the next week to read about the rule modifications.

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