Saturday, December 31, 2011

Common Golf Grip Mistakes

Your golf grip is extremely important because it is where you make contact with the club. When your hands are on the correct position of your club it encourages you to gain control right where the face of the club hits your golf ball. It is not ordinary for a player to acquire a bad habit that leads them to make an error in their golf grip. Fixing these mistakes can allow you to have better control of the ball.

A solid grip will create force and power that can follow through to the swing in golf. I have seen many players that suffer from a weak lead hand, especially beginners. Another common mistake I have seen is the use of a too much in the palm grip. For many golfers this grip causes a slice. The same too much in the palm grip that causes a slice also causes a golfer to lose power in their swing.

Players lose wrist action that causes the loss of power when you utilize a too much in the palm grip. Wrist action is where the power in your swing comes from. No wrist action equals no power in golf! The good news is that this golf error can be fixed quickly. Simply hold your golf club in your fingers and see the improvement.

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