Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tips For A Better Grip

There is a lot of information available today on anything and everything you can imagine related to golf.  Books, manuals, and videos are heavily marketed and publicized.  Their primary objective is to make more sales and more money.  It can end up costing you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, if you buy into a program or any kind of annual agreement. Most of the so-called tips, tricks, and advice you pay for can easily be obtained for free by visiting Manatee Golf Superstore or by reading my golf blog!

The grip is extremely important because its your first step.  How can anyone hope to swing and hit the ball correctly if they are not holding their club properly?  Even experienced golfers make a few from time to time.  These are just a few basic tips anyone can follow to get a better grip and more out of their golf swing!

One of the essential rules to a better golf grip is don't go to hard!  There is no need to tightly grip your club.  Gentle is the key!  In many cases, over-gripping actually decreases the distance of you shot instead  of increasing it as many people believe. Another mistake people make is that they are holding the club in their palms.  Instead, it should be held with your fingers where you have much more feeling.  Also, use the correct type of grip for your hand size.  Large hands usually utilize the vector grip, while medium hands should employ the interlocking grip.  Small handed people generally use a baseball like grip.  Lastly, look down at your hands at ensure you see the "V' formation!

Here at Manatee Golf Store in Bradenton, Florida we have an in house golf simulator with professionally trained staff to give you a personalized experience with an expert!  We offer a complimentary club fitting in our state of the art golf simulator!  Re-gripping services are also available while you wait or while you shop! Call (941)752-6168 or Contact Manatee Golf Store about sales, tee times, or anything golf                  related! Our friendly staff is here to help!

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