Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Basic Golf Swing Tips

 A golfer's swing and stance are an essential part to the great game of golf.  There are many tips and tricks professionals and novices both use to improve their game. Many people agree that a player's stance is one of the most critical factors relating to the swing.  In fact, learning the correct stance is one of the first things golfer's are taught.  The proper stance is simple, easy, and anyone can achieve it.  The standard stance consists of standing with the feet approximately shoulder width apart and somewhat outward.  This stance is used to allow the player to swing the club without swaying because it provides a stable base from the golfer to work from.

Stability and rhythm can also help a person's swing.  Try different approaches with your swing to see what works best for you and your game.  Finding the right rhythm that harmonizes with you will allow for a smooth takeaway without swaying.  Also, try to start the downswing with your left arm as straight as possible.  Now it's time to actually strike the golf ball.  Hit the ball by finishing your swing with a complete follow through.  You will know your follow through is correct when your arms wrap around the left shoulder, all the while your right foot will turn in the direction of your aim or goal with your heel coming off the ground.

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Who Invented Golf?

Who actually invented golf is a heated debate that is still being discussed today.  While no one can definitively say which particular person or individual started or came up with the idea for a golf game, many countries believe they are the home to the beginnings of golf.  The two countries that most people concede golf came from either Scotland, or England.  France, Rome, China, Belgium, Laos, and The Netherlands consider themselves as the origin of golf, but that claim distinctly belongs to either Scotland or England.

Who dreamt up and created golf is unknown, but where the name of "golf" was derived from is known.  The name appeared first in Holland around the thirteenth century.  Golf originated and was derived from "Colf."Colf was a game played in Holland in the 1200's, and the name colf actually means clubs.  Colf was a form of golf, but not the golf we know and loved today.

The raging debate over what country golf first originated in is closely related to what early games in the 1200's and 1300's actually considered "real golf."  The reason for the intense argument is this:  Is it really golf if there is no hole to swing and hit the ball into?  That's right folks, you read that right! Most people are in agreement that a critical and essential part of golf is the hole, and I am inclined to be in agreement.  Early games of so-called golf had NO HOLE!  The first country to put together all the elements, including the all mighty hole is Scotland.